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Rod is a sought after guest on local San Diego news TV and Facebook LIVE programs.  He is passionate about sharing information on estate planning.

Real Talk Carlsbad is hosted by Bryan Devore (DRE #01397835). It features community leaders and businesses who share insights on topics that impact your life--from legal, financial, lifestyle, real estate and more.  During Rod's appearance, he covered a number of  myths surrounding the need for estate planning. One of the biggest is couples who think if they are married and have a will leaving everything to the spouse that they don’t need any other legal protection. Or, they think an estate plan is only for the wealthy or all about who gets pieces of valuable jewelry or a favorite tennis racquet.

Watch the video of the program to gain valuable estate planning information.

Click here to watch Rod’s October 25, 2017 interview on Cox Channel 4 San Diego - The American Dream TV Show with Host Craig Sewing

Rod joined Jordan Beal, President of Beal Real Estate to discuss the local San Diego real estate market and the importance of estate planning in regards to your real estate with host Craig Sewing.

Here is an excerpt from the segment: Craig Sewing:  It seems to me Rod, that a lot of people just don’t get their estate plan in place. I think people might think an estate plan means you have to have real estate -- surely -- you know, it’s not.
Rod Hatley: You make an excellent point.  And the frustration is people just don’t do the planning and they should, obviously.  And I’m reminded of the Woody Allen observation that I’m not afraid of death.  I just don’t want to be there when it happens.  So the idea is we need to get out ahead of this when talking to clients. I mean we’re talking about disability death and dying. So not really great conversations to have, but important conversations to have.

Click here to read a transcript of the entire interview.



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