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Your Final Reward: Helping Those In Need

Earning enough wealth in this lifetime to care for your family is an admirable feat. So is the ability to provide financially for those who are less fortunate after you pass away.

If you have been thinking about leaving part of your estate to charity, we at Hatley Law Group APC in San Diego would feel proud to assist you. We can help you use legal and financial tools to donate to the causes you love. We use our knowledge of estate planning law and charitable structures to help you maximize the size and longevity of your gift.

What Are My Options For Charitable Planning?

Your donation arrangements depend largely on what suits your financial best interests and optimizes the gift to the charity. Some options include:

  • A last will and testament: You can leave instructions in your will to leave property and other assets to charitable organizations.
  • Donating accounts: You also have the option to donate a savings account, retirement account or another account to the cause of your choice.
  • Charitable trusts: A charitable trust places assets under the management of a trustee for gradual allocation to a charity.

This a mere overview of three of the most common methods of charitable donations. You can discuss how you would like to provide for the organization of your choice and we will help you determine the most suitable tools to achieve your goals.

Minimize The Tax Burden To Maximize Your Gift

Your donations can also help your own family in a roundabout way. Because charitable donations are often tax-exempt, you can reduce the tax burden on your estate. In other scenarios, you can defer taxes until a more auspicious time. With our considerable knowledge of California and federal tax laws, we can help you minimize the burden of taxes on your estate and your donation.

Talk With Us About Charitable Planning

Take the first step in leaving a lasting legacy for the people on earth who need it. Reach out to Rod Hatley at Hatley Law Group APC to schedule an initial consultation about charitable planning. To schedule your initial consultation, call 858-564-7090 or send us an email.