One of the advantages of a Crummey Trust is that it allows you to determine when a beneficiary can withdraw the money each year. This feature is especially useful when giving money to children who aren't mature enough to handle it.

In your trust, you can use a clause to protect your children should you and their other parent pass away before they reach a certain age. You can designate the person(s) you want to care for your children, and more.

June 29, 2018

Before traveling, make sure your designations are accurate, your documents are in a safe place, and your family knows how to access them. At minimum have a will, power of attorney, guardian for your children.

What if both you and your spouse die in the same tragic accident? While most of us would prefer not to think about these possibilities, it is much easier to plan for them than you realize. Trusts avoid conservatorship; wills don’t. You may want to list different benefi...

While the lives of many celebrities are often very open to the public, it is often unclear what happens to any given celebrity’s estate after death. Here's a snapshot of the aftershocks from 10 highly visible people who died without wills and what happened to their...

A close friend or relative whom you trust may be a safe choice for a trustee, but keep in mind that the job of trustee can be stressful and extremely time consuming.

If you do not update your will or living trust, your ex-spouse may still inherit from your estate. Should your ex-spouse then remarry, your assets could go to the new spouse, who could disinherit your own children. Equally important is naming a guardian for your childr...

Don’t let 2018 be another year during which you remain complacent regarding your estate planning—be prepared for all that this year may bring for you and your family.

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