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I will be sharing important “ins and outs” of successful estate planning next week, Wed. July 18 at 10 a.m. on Real Talk Carlsbad – Facebook LIVE!

Real Talk Carlsbad is hosted by Bryan Devore (DRE #01397835). It features community leaders and businesses who share insights on topics that impact your life–from legal, financial, lifestyle, real estate and more. Mark your calendar to watch LIVE at

During my appearance I will do my best to cover some of myths surrounding the need for estate planning.

One of the biggest is couples who think if they are married and have a will leaving everything to the spouse, they don’t need any other legal protection. Or, they think an estate plan is only for the wealthy or all about who gets pieces of valuable jewelry or a favorite tennis racquet.

Far from it.

In the case of the married couple, what if, God forbid, they are in an accident together? The adult children will be left to not only handle the arrangements for the funerals, but also sort out bank finances, retirement savings, insurance policies, real estate, personal property and more.

Now, add to that scenario, the couple are in a second marriage and have children together, as well as both have children from their first marriage. If they just have the spouse to spouse will arrangement, who’s to say the living spouse will provide for the other’s children with the moneys the spouse has entrusted he/she with?


Also, without clearly designating beneficiaries with inheritance funds going into your trust with children’s sub-trusts–the funds are not protected from creditors, law suits, and maybe even, a soon-to-be ex-wife.

Why leave your children to deal with fate and each other.

An estate plan takes care of the “what ifs.” Get your plan in place to protect your family’s legacy. Make sure your family members remember you as fiscally responsible, caring adults.


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